Mass will be celebrated on Sundays : 9am & 10.30am

Weekdays : Tuesday - Friday at 12 noon.    

First Eucharist will be celebrated at each of these Masses, until the end of


Maximum 20 people in attendance :

· two First Eucharist children, plus 4 family/friends each     (total 10)

· We welcome 10 parishioners to each of these 6 Masses every week.

Bookings essential :  one week at a time please.


Bookings for the coming week  :  mass on Tuesday - Friday at noon, next Sunday 9 & 10.30am, will open at 9am on Monday, each week.  


email :  (preferred)

phone : 52 432 739 (Office closed on Mondays - please leave a message on the answering machine).

Your place will be booked, in the order your email or call is received.

  • The Office must record contact details for each person
  • Households can sit together. Others, please practise 1.5 metre safe distancing
  • Please sit in the designated area, which will be sanitised after each mass.        

While we will observe all the guidelines and protocols, the risk of contracting coronavirus still remains. If you are vulnerable, immuno-compromised or feeling unwell, please stay at home.

The Sacrament of Anointing is available for anyone in need.

 Stay in tune and stay in touch by whatever means available:  phone, email, website or Facebook.
                                            May God bless you all.       Fr Sang Ho
St Bernard’s during Co-Vid 19 restrictions :

Church (see above for mass times and booking information)                                               

  • Fr Sang is recording 'Sunday' Mass each week for parishioners. It is available as a link we send to your email.
  • To be added to the mailing list, contact
  • Please include your name & address.
  • Parish Office : 9am-4pm Tues-Fri.

     Please phone : 52 432 739 

    email :  

    or                   send us a letter.


    • Sacraments :
      Please contact the Parish Office for current information re Eucharist,
      Reconciliation & Confirmation

      Baptisms :

      Following an update from the Government & Archdiocese, we are now able to celebrate baptisms, with the following conditions :

      • Baptisms can be booked, to be celebrated on a Saturday morning

      • Maximum 2 ceremonies per Saturday - 10.30am or 11am

      • There will be one family per ceremony

      • Maximum 20 people in attendance

      • Attendees will need to ‘sign in’, providing name and contact phone number.

      • There will be a designated seating area.

      • Households may sit together, with other guests practising 1.5 metre safe distancing

      • Please follow signage & practise safe distancing while moving around in the church

      • Please sanitise your hands before entering the body of the church

      Families are invited to contact the Office to make a booking and arrange Preparation.
      Mass on TV, radio or online :

      Sunday Mass on TV :   Channel 10              6-6.30am            


                                             Channel 31 or 44   11am  St Patrick's Cathedral


       Sunday mass on Radio :   7.00am Light FM 89.9 (Fr K Dillon)                                                                                                         10.00am Pulse FM       (St Mary’s)


      Mass on line - view live   Sunday - 11am ;   week days - 1pm                             

      Mass online view anytime  :         (Fr K Dillon week days)  

      To find mass in other languages visit :                              

      Prayer resources : 

      The Saving Word (Sunday readings) – email

      Children’s worksheet  – email                                   (From Liturgy Brisbane, updated each week)

    See here for information from the Australian Catholic Bishop's Conference

    The Bishops Conference is providing resources to support people's prayer life, including links to online Masses and a Sunday prayer resource. They can be accessed on this page.

    visit the website of the  Archdiocese of Melbourne.  CathKids Special Offer : weekly interactive experience with a short animated video on the Sunday reading, questions to stimulate discussion, a simple activity, and prayer. For children aged 7-12

        St Bernard’s prayer & community… 

    Meetings suspended, following current Government guidelines

    St Vincent de Paul

    Widowed & Social Group

    Charismatic Prayer

    Men's Group

    Knights of the Southern Cross

    Wednesday Cards

    Friday communion (suspended until Nursing Homes re-open)

                         Annual Book Fair
                        It has been necessary to postpone our Annual Book Fair.

                        Please store Books, DVDs, CDs records, board games or jigsaw puzzles at home, until they can be safely delivered to the Parish Office.

                        Thank you for your support and happy cleaning and sorting.
                           Peter & Margaret


                        Continuing financial support :
                        We clearly recognise, that economically this will be a difficult time for many.
                        With no masses, our parish has lost its major income source.                                                We invite you to consider how you can offer some financial support.
                        Please contact the Office : to make a one-off payment, or set up monthly contributions. You can use bank transfer, credit card, drop in cash or cheques.
                        We are very grateful for your past & on-going support.  Thank you 


                            Remember :

                            Getting outdoors : not cancelled

                            Music : not cancelled

                            Family : not cancelled

                            Reading : not cancelled

                            Singing : not cancelled

                            Laughing : not cancelled

                            Hope : not cancelled                                                

                            LET US EMBRACE WHAT WE HAVE


                            Please contact the Office, for current status of activities described below.

                            Neighbourhood Meals

                            A personal invitation is issued to each parish household - one small area of the Parish at a time - to share a simple meal with nearby parishioners.



                            Justice Network

                            Each month, a meeting is held to learn about and discuss a variety of justice topics, lead by a qualified speaker. Meetings are advertised in the Parish Bulletin and all are welcome.



                            RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

                            A program of instruction and formation in the Catholic faith is held each year from September to Easter of the following year. Contact the Parish Office for more information.



                            ~St Bernard’s Parish community is proud to acknowledge the Wathaurong People as the first custodians and original inhabitants of the area. May we find continued unity in our shared love of this land.~