There are currently no weekend or weekday masses                   at St Bernard’s

Dear Parishioners,

Greetings with God’s peace and blessings to you all.

With the serious and fast widespread of COVID-19, the Australian Government has continually updated and taken action, to put in place appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus. In response to government guidelines and with serious consideration, the Victorian bishops have decided to suspend immediately all public liturgies, celebrations of the Mass and all other gatherings in the parish context. 

Therefore, there are no weekend and weekday Masses at our Church and Churches across Victoria. With these suspensions, all Catholics in Victoria are dispensed from their Sunday obligation during this time. 

It is indeed very sad and disappointing for us all, that in the time of most need for spiritual nourishment, we have to distance ourselves and not be able to get together as a community of faith, to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. However, though we are not able to be physically present to each other, we stay in solidarity and unity with one another, through our thoughts and prayers. So I urge you, as the bishops encourage us, to continue active participation in the life of the Church, through personal and family prayer (Fr Sang’s prayer sheet available by emailing; reading and reflecting on the Sacred Scriptures, making a Spiritual Communion or participating in Mass online :

 ·   live - 1pm weekdays, 11am Sunday 

· click on links to view anytime  :  



· Mass for you at home.     Channel 10       6-6.30am on Sunday  

· Mass on the radio 7.00am Light FM 89.9   or   10.00am Pulse FM  

   (check, they may be cancelled)


For my part, I will hold you all in my daily prayers. I will celebrate private Masses during the week, to pray for you and with you. 

At the weekend, the Mass that I offer will be visually recorded and available if you email, so that I can stay connected with you and through the Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist, unite with you and share my reflections on the Sacred Scriptures.

The Sacrament of Anointing is available for anyone in need.

I also ask you to stay calm and let the peace of Christ continue to rule in your hearts, especially at this most uncertain and unprecedented time.

Stay in tune and stay in touch by whatever means available: phone, email, website, Facebook.

If you haven’t provided us with your email address, please contact the Office,        so that we can communicate with you more effectively.  

May God bless you all.         

Fr Sang Ho


All Parish gatherings, groups & meetings are suspended at the moment.

Neighbourhood Meals

A personal invitation is issued to each parish household - one small area of the Parish at a time - to share a simple meal with nearby parishioners.


Justice Network

Each month, a meeting is held to learn about and discuss a variety of justice topics, lead by a qualified speaker. Meetings are advertised in the Parish Bulletin and all are welcome.


RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

A program of instruction and formation in the Catholic faith is held each year from September to Easter of the following year. Contact the Parish Office for more information.

~St Bernard’s Parish community is proud to acknowledge the Wathaurong People as the first custodians and original inhabitants of the area. May we find continued unity in our shared love of this land.~