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The Sacrament of Baptism

Welcome to St Bernard’s for the baptism of your child – new life in Christ.

Your child has been welcomed into your family - now you have chosen to present him/her for baptism. Just as you nurture physical & emotional growth, in asking for baptism you are accepting responsibility for the growth and development of your child's faith and understanding of God's love. 

When: Baptisms are celebrated during any of the weekend masses – 6.00pm Saturday evening, 9am or 10.30am on Sunday morning or during a baptism ceremony at 12 noon on some Sundays, with other families.

For parents: You are invited to attend a gathering a few weeks before the baptism, to meet other families and become familiar with the ceremony & symbols used.

Welcome: 12 noon baptism – the family is invited to come to mass to present the child to be welcomed into the church community. The baptism ceremony follows a week or two later. Where the baptism is during mass – welcome & baptism are celebrated at the same mass.

Godparents: Godparents are very special people in your life and that of your child. Choose them carefully because you will need encouragement and help as a Christian parent. In addition, your child will benefit from an enriching relationship with people who share your ideals.

  • godparents must be at least 14 years old.
  • one godparent is sufficient, but you may choose more.
  • at least one of the godparents must be a baptised Catholic, who has received Communion and been Confirmed.
  • a non-Catholic may act as a witness, along with a Catholic godparent.
Stole: The Ladies Auxiliary sew a short stole, which will be here for you on the baptism day. However, you are most welcome to make your own, or purchase one custom-made from a local supplier. Older children need a longer stole, which will be used later for their sacraments. Samples of all will be at the Parent meeting. 

Candle: Provided for each child. Again, you are most welcome to bring your own, if desired. 

Certificate: This document is a copy of the baptism register record. It correctly includes the mother's surname. It will be required later on for entry to Catholic primary & secondary schools.

Cost: A donation of $80 would be appreciated, at the Parent's Night if possible. 

Contact: Baptism Preparation co-ordinator – Helen Brislane is at the Office Tuesday - Friday. Phone or email:

It is recommended you phone two to three months ahead to book.

Parents are the first and most significant teachers in all things, including faith. Your example of commitment & involvement in the Church will always be the most influential for your child. Baptism is the public beginning.