Time Out Group for busy parents

A group of seven regulars formed in May 2008, meeting each Monday morning for six weeks and then deciding after evaluation, to continue. We offer a chance to stop, take stock of yourself and appreciate the deeper currents running under your life.
The group is a place to connect once a week for about an hour with like minded people for some silence, meditation and listening. We support each other in our yearning for spiritual growth...to feel the gentle presence of God, who calls us to let go. It has become a much needed still point in our turning world.
We know that when we connect with God in silence, over time things inside us change, we become aware of the spirit of God in the world and in other people and in the least likely situations. God starts to be part of our everyday life in a way that never happened before we allowed ourselves this time of stillness and reflection.
If you are looking to create space for reflection in your life within a supportive community, give it a try and get in touch.

Where:                St. Bernard’s  Church,  Fryers Road, Belmont

When:                 Mondays at 9.15 am (we do no meet in school holidays)

Guides:               Noreen & Bill Nicholson  -  enquiries ph 52 43 8486.

Email:                  timeout@stbernards.org.au 

Child minding:  Child minding will be provided by volunteers, in the  Cafe

                             at the Church, as  required